Our Mission:
To impart quality technical education with a view to shape up Quality Engineers that could contribute in the development of the Nation thereby developing a scientific attitude in the society at large.
Institute Code: 5365, Year: 2010

About Us:

Governing Body

Foundation stones and envision of Ahinsa Polytechnic was led in year 2010 with sole aim of facilitating rural youth to get best of educational facilities in the field of Engineering and Technical Education and desire to serve the motherhood through youthful thinking and offering excellence through best infrastructure and quality oriented Resources.

Our Name marks our significant ambition of spreading harmony and peace through non-violence based on foundation principles of Lord Mahavira and rich humanity and soul empowering ideals of Jainism. Every person has got a delightful bliss and gift with capability of being the most influencial, leading and a valuable resource. We look forward and continuously keep attemping to be one such medium of giving upbeat and the positive pathway of life through various meditation camps, spirituality lectures (above any caste and sect) aimed at enlightening the real soul in every person. We are sure that this practise of humanity in non-violent and being positive soul way would make everyone become a peaceful and joyous soul full of positive energy to conquer the life ahead. Our Logo reflects our approach in being in Human soul. We believe and affirm highest standards and approach towards achieving the best of this life by applying rightly balanced combination of spirituality and technology as per guidelines of Late Terapanth Jain Acharya and great philosopher Mahapragyaji and current Acharya MahaShramanji on basis of 'Jeevan Vigyan' an initiative towards living stress free and healthy life and gaining the best of profile for every human being.

Today's technology inclined Industrial and businesses needs devoted and passioned resources to boost their growths and in such reference nicely balanced and well learned entreprenuer with always keen attire to learn new concepts. Our whole administrative and faculty team focusses this key abilities development.

As a continued means of being 'The Best Learning Environment', we have latest and the best infrastructure, equipments and units for best of engineering education, latest Computer Technology resources for leveraging Information Technology boon, classic amenities and facilities to mark and encourage real civilisation studies with technical perspectives and balanced growth based rich Library with latest journals and magazines in the field.