Vardhaman Education & Welfare Society:

Success for every vision requires zealous efforts and creative understanding of needs and ability to drive the whole team with passion for spreading educational awareness. We are truely delighted to have our parent society Vardhaman Education & Welfare Society as one of the most vibrant, young and dynamic team driven with its passion for availing best of learning experience, technology savvy approach for optimal performance driven team and desirous missions of making bright future of tomorrow as best industry suited and most preferred entreprenuers.

Our Society was founded in year 2010 by a group of vibrant professionals with rich experience in MNC operations, technically skilled and best know-how passionate entreprenuers and society welfare and social services devoted personalities. The roots of society are laid in Dondaicha, a small town to rural approached location in Dhule district in Maharashtra with aim of enlightening and glowing lights of professional enginereing and technical education from rural holds to urban zones in the whole State.

Our young and dynamic Chairman Shri Rajesh R. Munot is our inspiration and centre of energy. His delicately balanced spiritual, socio and technical touch to every aspect and mission in the Society marks wonderous results in every activity done. Our united efforts with his visionary approach has now led and poised us to be one of fast paced and unique Polytechnic Institution in the whole Dhule district in State.

We have planned our vision in the decade ahead and look forward to initiate many alike educational field activities and services in times ahead. We look forward to mark Dondaicha, our home town as a unique educational hub with all type of engineering and technical education available under one roof and this too with a special distinctive approach of making our every student, a source full of positive energy, a soul full of positivity and cheer and mind fully focussed and devoted to conquer every fort of life.